Changing Fonts and Typography Options on Your WebX Website

Method 1: Change Fonts in the Site Editor

  1. Log in to your WebX Admin Panel dashboard.
  2. Once you are logged in, go back to your website page ( or
  3. You will now see that there is an Admin Navigation Menu on the top bar. 
  4. You can go to the pages in the website that you want to modify the fonts and typography. Then, click on Edit Page to modify the webpage content.
  1. You will see the website page in editing mode
  2. Click on the Text container.
  3. Then, click on Style on the right side panel.
  4. You can edit the Typography e.g. Font Family, Font Size accordingly. You can set back to Default which will revert to the global font.
  1. You may adjust other settings if required e.g. text color, text shadow, spacings, link, highlight, background etc.

Method 2: Change Fonts in the Customizer

  1. Click on Appearances and then Customize on the left panel menu.
  1. You will see a left navigation bar with all the site settings. Here, click on Global.
  1. The global style settings will update the overall website appearance style to make sure a standardized and synchronized typography, colors and style are used. 
  1. Click on Typography.
  1. You will see some Presets of the Heading and Body font that you can select from.
  1. Alternatively, you can choose your desired font directly.
  2. Click on the pencil icon for Body Font and Headings Font respectively.
  • Heading Font is used for all of the headings on your site, such as post and page titles, widget titles, comment headers, and headlines of the pages.
  • Base Font is used for the main body text and menus on your site.
  1. Here, you can change the Font Family, Font Weight, Font Size, etc respectively for Body and Headings of the website. 
  2. Choose your desired font style. The text will update to your chosen font style as preview to see how it looks.
  1. Once done, click on Publish at the top. The new font and typography style will now be live on your website.

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