Add or remove pages/tabs on your website’s navigation menu

  1. Log in to your WebX Admin Panel dashboard.
  2. Click on Appearances on the left panel menu.
  3. Then, click on Menus under it on the left panel menu.
  1. You can then select the menu items to be added to the navigation menu.
  2. Click Add to Menu.
  1. It will now be added to the Menu structure on the right.
  2. You can Drag the box to rearrange the menu accordingly.
  1. To remove the menu items, click on the Down Arrow on the right side of the menu items. 
  2. Click Remove. The menu item will be removed from the Menu Structure.
  1. Once done with the changes, click on Save Menu.
  1. Go to your website homepage. You can now see the new menu item added to or removed from the navigation menu.

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